Sheneice is a native of Texas.  She attended Eastfield Community College, where she graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice as well as Substance Abuse Counseling.  After graduation she pursued a career in the Criminal Justice system as a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor.  She worked at Hutchins State Jail as a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor where she conducted inmates daily assessments, prepared individual treatment and discharge plans, individual and group counseling sessions, facilitated educational programs and lectures,  advocated in the community maintaining rapport with local community resources to assist inmates upon release.  She trained new hires and helped the Director facilitate family groups.  She also was employed by APPA (Association of Person Affected by Addiction).  As a Recovery Coach she facilitated male/female groups on topics such as reducing relapses and promoting high- levels of wellness in individuals, families, and the community.  She also facilitated groups at the Carousel Apartments and Phoenix House in Wilmer, Tx.  She facilitated and discussed topics that helped clients to live a wholesome lifestyle, changing thought processes as well as relationships to support the new person dealing with relapse prevention, dual-diagnosis, re-entry to society, exercising and creating positive outlets, as well as having accountability partners.


Sheneice was enjoying her career until it was suddenly interrupted with a brain tumor diagnosis in the Fall of 2013.  Her career was put on hold.  Then came the doctor visits, surgeries, rehabilitation, and recovery. 

In 2016 she was contracted by the Juvenile Justice Center to begin working for the Dallas County Advocate Program as a Program Coordinator.  She worked with at-risk youth until March of 2018.  Since then she maintained employment at First Baptist Church (Dallas location) as a Teacher’s Assistant.  She teaches children between the ages of 6 weeks to 4 years old.  She uses Biblical and Frog Street Curriculum to develop activities that will encourage cognitive, social, physical, emotional, and spiritual growth.

Sheneice is a member of Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas where she serves in different ministries.  She is a Prayer Warrior, Helping Hands Outreach partner.  She is also a member of SWAT (Soul Winning Action Team).

She currently resides in the Cedar Hill, Texas Uptown area where she enjoys being able to walk to the mall, movie theatre, restaurants, grocery and department stores.  In her spare time she enjoys listening to music, reading, dancing; hanging out with her adult children, grandchildren, family and friends.

Sheneice founded the SOTB (Stuck On The Brain) organization by envisioning the potential benefits that patients, families, and communities would receive from the outpour of hope and love.

Her passion has always been helping others and giving from the heart, especially to those that appear to have no fight in them.


Pervis is a native of Dallas, Texas and a father of two.  He attended Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU), where he graduated with a BA in Business Administration and  MBA degree in Finance.

After graduation, Pervis pursued a career with the United State Federal Government in 2008.  He started his federal career working for Defense Finance and Accounting Services ( DFAS), which provides payment services to the United States Department of Defense.  From there he would deploy to worked for Department of Defense (DoD)  in Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan setting up Army Finance systems.  After serving a year in the Middle East, he would return back to the United States, where he took a job as a civilian working for Department of the Army as a Budget Analyst.  He is currently a Budget Analyst working in Washington D.C. at the Pentagon for Headquartered Department of Army (HQDA).